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tube cutting machine, cut-off tubes, chipless tube cutting, high grade steel tubes, tube treatment

Tube cutting machine "Trennomat" - manual feed (automatic feed >)

  Cut-off tubes and pipes chipless and with low burrs

Smaller quantities of tube and pipe sections can be
cut by this less expensive model of a chipless tube

The model "Trennomat" cuts steel, non-ferrous metal
tubes and copper tubes as well chipless as the auto-
matic machines, whereas by using the tearing device
cuts with low burrs are reached.

Technical information:

The machine cuts tubes and pipes from 4 to 35 mm
with a maximum wall thickness of 2 mm.

The input of tube rods is done manually.


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tube cutting machine, chipless cutting of tubes
and pipes, high grade steel tubes, steel tubes,
Al-alloy, tube treatment, machinig center, cut
tubes, cut pipes, cut-off tubes

Tube cutting machine "Trennomat"
- manual feed

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