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Michael Richter

automatic tube cutting machine, cut-off tubes, chipless tube cutting, high grade steel tubes, tube treatment

We are a medium sized company (SME) founded in 1986.

Our team of engineers and highly qualified production personnel develops, produces and installs our machinery.

Two decades of experience enable us to solve even exceptional problems in your production - whereas the basis is this / our patent..

Our production programme consists of

- chipless working tube and pipe cutting machines (automatic or manual) for straight material (high-grade
  steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous alloys - or as per your request)
- trimmming machinery for curved tubes and pipes as well as
- machinery for the end conditioning of tube parts and
- automatic storage and feeding systems for rod/tube parts

We are in the position to integrate our machinery into your existing production processes.

The products are as well processed from rods as from coils, whereas in the latter case they pass a straighte-
ning section before.

The advantages of our machinery - presented via the links left or above in more detail - are especially

- the modular design, i. e. cutomers' requests are fulfilled by adjusting the respective module/s
- the outstanding economic parameters (up to 1900 parts per hour),
- the possibility to integrate them into existing production processes and
- the multitude of add-ons or combinations of the individual machines

Please give us the details of your specific needs !

We would appreciate to count you among our satisfied clients.

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